Drake vs Kendrick Lamar

Episode 135 May 10, 2024 01:03:13
Drake vs Kendrick Lamar
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Drake vs Kendrick Lamar

May 10 2024 | 01:03:13


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Slack talks about the battle going on between drake and Kendrick. Find out what he thinks and who he has winning.

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: And now it's the time you've been waiting for. You're in the mix with film producer Jason Slack, aka the Talk of the town. Now, the 40 Vision films Man himself, the owner of the Jason Slack brand, the place to be is here on the Vision live network. And now let's get it in. Welcome to the Slack is Talk podcast. Welcome to the Slackest Talk podcast aka the talk of the town. Now I'm your host, film producer Jason Slack, and this is season number four. And on today's show, we got an episode you do not want to miss. So without a doubt, let's get it in. [00:00:50] Speaker B: Welcome to the Vision Live Network. You are now tuned in to the Slackest talk podcast hosted by film producer Jason Slack and presented by the VisionLive Network. The VisionLife Network is the home of a number of todays popular podcast. Since you are already a fan, you might as well subscribe. Visit www.visionlivenetwork.com, go to the Slack is Talk podcast, then click the subscribe button. Thats it. Its that simple. The show will be delivered to your device every time there is a new episode. Now you can hear all the talk from the 40 Vision man himself. Thanks for tuning in to the Vision Live network where you can experience our vision live. 40 Vision Films and Godstar Productions are two proud sponsors of the Vision Live Network, working together to bring us the best listening experience possible. 40 Vision Films and Godstar Productions, two marquee names in our industry today. For more information, visit 40 visionfilms.com dot. [00:01:51] Speaker A: And welcome to another epic edition of the Talk of the town. Now it's your boy film producer Jason Slack, aka the Talk of the town. Now today is Thursday, May 9, 2024, and on this episode, man, this episode is so special, man, that I don't even want to waste time. I want to jump right, right in. On today's episode, we talking about the battle, the rap battle heard around the world. The battle that everybody is talking about right now. They bringing excitement back to hip hop. We talking about Drake versus Kendrick Lamar. Now I must say, you know, man, they've been going at it for a little while now and this is like a question that has been, you know, asked of me ever since. Of all the questions that I have received since I started this podcast, man, this is, this one is like the most popular. This one is probably asked, was asked the most. It's like, you know, hey, you know, jay slackest talk like who's better man? Who you got, what you think about it? So on this episode, man, I'm going to cover all that and more. You know what I'm saying? I've been, you have been trying to get to it for a couple of weeks now, and the wait is over. It's finally here. So without a doubt, let's jump right in first, all my listeners, all my day ones, welcome back. I want to tell y'all I appreciate y'all. You know, I might not have said that on the last episode. I've been doing some specials, but I'll never forget, man, it's a blessing. Y'all could have been anywhere in the world. But y'all right here with me. I appreciate that. And as always, thanks for continue rocking with me here on the slackest talk podcast. So let's get right in first, man. First, the first thing that I want to say above all else, above all else, I think, I think this brings, I think this battle is bringing excitement back to hip hop. And, you know, just to be real, just to be real. It's still some good music coming out. You know, it's so many artists that it's always going to be like, you know, something good out and something good coming out. But I think it's kind of, it's kind of been quiet lately, you know, I'm saying, as far as the excitement, as far as, like, everything that's going on, it, like, it's like nobody's a little bit of a drought. Nobody has really been talking about it, you know what I'm saying? There's been like, really, like, no anticipation as far as I know, as far as I hear. And these battles have, like, have gotten people talking again, you know, I'm saying? And that's, that's always good. That's always good. And the thing about it, I don't believe that this beef is personal, you know what I'm saying? I think it's about, I think it's about the music. I don't think these two actually hate each other, you know what I'm saying? I don't think if they actually see each other on the street, it's on and popping. I actually think that this is about the music and this is about, yo, who's better? You know what I'm saying? Who's better? And rap is a competition. It's a competition. Like, it's a sport. It's competitive. That's the way things supposed to be. It's been that way since day one, you know, going back to, uh, nwa and death row ll and big Daddy Kane, you know, saying, like, people have been battling for years. Man Ra, Kim, KRS one, you know, I'm saying, like, people been battling since the birth, you know, I'm saying, and this kind of has that, that feel to it. But new generation style now, you know, I wanted to, I wanted to get that out there first, you know what I'm saying, above everything else. Now with that being said, you know, I'm all for, like, the new generation. I'm all for change. I'm all for, like, learning new things, you know, the new generation having to a different point of view, a different way of doing things, you know, I know everything can't remain the same. I got to be open to new possibilities and, you know, whether it's music, whether it's clothes, whether it's technology, you know, I'm all about, you know, trying to stay updated and what's next and what's new and all that, you know, I try not to stay in the box. It's certain things, even with that being said, it's certain things that I just can't get with, you know, I'm saying, it's just, I'm. I'll always be an eighties, baby, you know what I'm saying? I can't change that. I can't change, like, what I'm used to. I can't, I can't change, you know, what brought me to the dance, what I'm used to seeing, you know, what I'm saying. Certain things, I'm open, but certain things is gonna remain the same. Like, certain, certain things is not. It's not up for change. And what I mean by that is even if we talking about a competition, right? You know, regardless of whether it's a sport, music, or whatever, right? I'm a film producer. I'll give you a classic example. I'm a film producer. I love to create, you know, I love to produce stories. I love it. And, you know, I don't hold anything back. You know, I keep it real with my listeners. And this is no different. When you talk about film production, you got, you got different types of films. You have drama, you know, you have comedy, you have documentary style. There's all different types. Now, when you create a film, right, well, sometimes your film is based off of a true story, which, like, I'll say, like, 90% of the stuff that I create is actually real and it's based off a true story. That's just my, my style. That's what I believe in. You know, I believe in the, the more, the more real it is, the better. You know, I. Even though, like, like what you're seeing on film, on tape, on tv, whatever is entertainment, I like for mines to have that real quality feel to it. I want it to be. I want you to be entertained first and foremost. But I want to be. I want to have it to where, like, what you're seeing is realistic, even if it's not a so called true story. I would like for you to feel that realistic point of view. Like, what you're seeing is possible. Like, you know, there's somebody out there that this happened to or somebody that could relate. It has that, that real life feel to it. It's possible, you know what I'm saying? And I just think that's the best way to go. I think people will have respect for the project more that way when you make it more relatable, especially if you're presenting. If you're presenting something real, like, for example, if you're just, like, if it's just a comedy and it's just to make people laugh, okay, you know, it doesn't have to have that real life quality. Is this a comedy? You know, there, there are certain exceptions when I'm, when I'm portraying reality and I'm trying to really get you to believe something. It has to, it has to be, it has to be real. It has to, it has to be possible. You understand? I'm saying that's, you understand where I'm coming from. And I say that to say, right, music is a form of music, like films, or is a form of entertainment. I truly understand that. You know, I truly, I'm a grown man. I know. And I understand that with artists, with any type of artist, you know, say, in the studio, all of it is not real. You know what I'm saying? All of it is not real. A lot of them, you know, talk about stuff that they never went through. You could be talking about somebody else, something that you seen. All of it is not real. It's entertainment. And that's not to. And that's not the doe, shade or diss anybody. It's entertainment. Right? And where I'm getting at is right. Even though this Drake versus Kendrick Lamar is a battle, is entertainment, I still would like for certain things to have that real feel to it, even though they may not, you know, really dislike each other. And, I mean, I miss, I'm guessing, you know, I don't really know that 100% to be true. I've never had heard any, you know, bad blood between them up and, you know, up into the music and all that. So that, you know, normally, you know, you hear something in the streets or you hear something, you know, in the industry, and I haven't heard anything, you know, so there's that. But even though it's just entertainment and it is battling, I still wanted to have that real quality feel to it. Like, I wanted to seem like it's, it's real. And what I'm getting at is Drake's first record. Now, Drake and Kendrick, they haven't, before this, I don't know if they have done any songs together, and I haven't done any research on that. So I'm this, you know, I'm going off of what I know up top with certain things. I don't remember them on a song together. And I'm gonna go back. I'm gonna go back and I'm going to look. But I want to talk about, you know, Drake's first diss toward Kendrick, where, you know, he went at Kendrick Lamar, he diss future, he dis Rick Ross, and he dissed a couple of other people. And I'm going to get more, more on that song later on in the second segment as well. But it's like, what I mean by it has to be real. And if it, if it, if it, if it's missing that real, real it factor, it kind of ruined things. And to get to the point, he just. Drake this future, right? Don't they have an album together? I mean, I remember, like, so many songs, like, featuring them two, like, so many different collaborations. I believe they used the same production, the same producer, Drake and Rick Ross. I know they did so many songs together with Khaled and, you know, all these collaborations with five, six different people on the song together and everybody from the south and all that. With that. With that being the case, right. It's when you're trying to, when you're trying to. When you're. When I hear you on record and you're dissing somebody, right. I want to believe that even though, you know, it's entertainment, it has to have that real quality to it, the realness, like, it has to be believable. I'm listening to you on record. You know, this and this person. But y'all have albums together. Y'all use the same producer. Y'all. Y'all hang with each other. It's hard for me to get with that, man. I just, it kind of, it diminishes, you know, the value of the diss record. To me, it brings it down like it's, you know, like, maybe because I'm a film producer, maybe I'm reading too much into it, but that's. That's just not what I'm used to, man. Like when with Dre, doctor. Dre and Eazy, they started off friends. You know, they was in NWA together. But after Dre left NWA and, you know, he just. He dissed easy. They didn't do songs together. They wasn't hanging together, like. And I know their situation was. Was about business and about money, so it was a little bit more personal. But that's what kind of made it, like, the realness in it. Even though, you know, Dre, you know, he didn't have nothing against easy. He didn't wish no bad on him, you know, they kind of made up before, you know, easy passed and all that. It was. It seemed like it was real. You understand what I'm saying? Pac and biggie, they didn't have songs together. You know, it. You know what I'm saying? It was. It seemed real, you know what I'm saying? Even though that kind of got, like, a little, you know, that that was personal, you know, my man pop, you know, he got shot and everything, you know, robbed in the studio and all that, but it had a real feel to it. I give you something that's a little less personal. Jay Z and Oz, they wasn't on songs together. They wasn't on the same record label. They didn't use the same, like. Like, producers and stuff like that. It. So it seemed like it was real. Like they didn't have anything in common as far as, like, what the. What the audience and what the fans saw. They battled each other. They both felt like they were the best, and they. They were doing they things solo, like, they didn't, you know, use each other. Like, you know what I'm saying? Like, if I'm the man, I don't need you. And if he feel like he the man, he don't need me. That's the way it was. But when a lot of y'all best records are together and stuff like that, it. And y'all dissing each other down, it ruins it. It, you know, I'm saying? It ruins it, man. It's. It's not the same. And look, you know, I. I'm about positivity here on the slack, and so, podcast, I'm glad you, you know, that y'all, you know, really cool or whatever, you know, y'all not trying to kill each other. I'm glad. And that's not what I'm saying, but I don't wanna. I don't wanna know that. You know, like, I don't really wanna know that y'all cool? And I have to hear you dissing him because it's like, okay, you dissing him. You saying he can rom or whatever. You saying on the lyric, you saying this, that, and the third. But you really can't feel that way because you have an album with this guy. You see what I'm saying? That part of it. That part of it, I understand that. It's about somebody's gonna draw back and say, it's about the music. It's about the presentation, too, man. It's about more than that. You know what I'm saying? It's about. It's about the feel. It's about, you know, other stuff than the music, man. I say it again, music is one profession where a lot of other stuff besides the music counts in order for you to be successful. And this is one of them. And, you know, the music can be good and all that, man. But if this is not real, it takes it down a notch for me. And when I come back from commercial break, I'm going to talk about a mistake that Drake made and how a legend that I mentioned earlier made the same similar mistake before Drake did. Keep it locked. It's the Slackest talk podcast. What's up, everybody? It's that part of the show where we do the slackest talk question of the week. And if you a fan of this, it got even more special because I'm going to do two of them because we missed last week. So we gonna do this week's and we're gonna do last week's. This is the first time we do two straight. Two in a row. We making history. Last week, the question was pretty straightforward. Do you think Diddy is guilty? Yes, no, or undecided? A straightforward question deserves a straightforward answer. Y'all know me here on the slackest talk podcast, man. You know, when there is multiple people saying the same thing, I mean, the person had to do something. You know what I'm saying? So the answer, and short, is, I believe he did do something professionally, man, I never been, you know, a fan of his, you know, I'm a Tupac fan. You know, I was death row, even though I'm from New York. There's just always been something, like, off to me about him. He does come off as a power freak. You know, somebody that's power hungry, that wants to show that it's. That he's in charge, and he's running things and stuff like that. And I mean, personally, like, you know, one of my, one of my associates, you know, showed me a video online, you know, and it was him. And I guess basically a lot of his friends or a lot of people that he used to hang out with, they're not entering his phone calls no more because of, you know, the things that's going on with him and because they're not answering him no more. He said that, you know, he's pretty much threatening to tell what he knows. If that's the case, and that's true, it's like, how do you know, how do you have dirt on these people? In order for you to have dirt on these people, you had to be there, right? You understand what I'm saying? Like, like, you know, there's no, there's been no information that's leaked, but the police say they got tapes with other people. Why was like, tapes of other people inside of your house? This is something weird, man. There's something off, and it's a bad situation because, like I said, you know, I did a show on it. You know, everybody that has, like, you know, some major, like, iconic status is being. And, you know, it's being. Took him to the shed. And it's a sad day for blacks and it's a sad day for hip hop, but, yeah, I believe he did do something. Now this week's slackest talk question of the week, it's about the NBA. What's the biggest surprise in the NBA playoffs so far? The sun's getting swept, LeBron getting eliminated, Cleveland Cavaliers advancing to the second round on Anthony Edwards dominated. Now, you know, I'm not surprised at all about LeBron getting eliminated. Y'all know how I feel about that. I'm not surprised about Cleveland either. They've been rebuilding for years. A long time, man. They do. You know, they do. First round pick after first round pick after first round pick, they do. So it came down to the Suns getting swept and Anthony Edwards dominating on this one, I have to say. And it was a close call. The Suns don't surprise me because they got, they had three all star talents, but they all do the same thing. It don't work when people do the same thing. So I'm not shocked about them not going anywhere. The biggest surprise for me is Anthony Edwards dominating so early in his career. This is the first time Minnesota has gone to the play playoffs. And they looking like they belong. They looking like they're a veteran team and he's the catalyst in that and I gotta tell you, like, this championship run is wide open in the NBA right now. If he could pull this off this year, man, you know, look out. The rest of the league need to watch out. Minnesota has a young team, and they actually have the perfect team around him. If he figures this out now, and this is just his third year, and he hasn't really even reached his peak yet, man. You know, we in for a rude awakening, man. The rest of the league need to look out. So that's what I'm most surprised. I think it's. I thought it was a little too early, but hey, man, he doing it. Ebony Edwards could do it, man. I have nothing against it. Great player, great player and great young players. And who better? So those are my slackest talk questions of the week. Thank y'all for submitting y'all questions. And as always, man, hit me up, man. We have another question next week. Thank y'all. If you are a musician, dj, podcaster, radio host, or you do anything dealing with an audio platform, check out a company called Sonar. They specialize in musical WordPress themes and services. If you are looking for a good mp3 audio player for your radio station or something to showcase selling your music online, Sonar is right for you. They have hundreds of professional templates for you to choose from and to give you the look you're looking for, visit Sonar IO. That's s o n a a r IO, and set yourself apart from the competition. Welcome back to the Slackest Talk podcast. It's your boy 40 vision films, aka the talk of the town. Now we in the lab, and we talking about the Drake Kendrick Lamar beef and all the excitement that's going on in this rap battle and overall in general, man, the newfound excitement that's going on in hip hop right now. When we left off, I wanted to talk to you about a big, big mistake that Drake made. And anybody who becomes a rapper or any kind of, you know, musical artist, you have to be a fan of what you do. And, you know, I say that all the time. You have to be a fan of what you do. You know, whether it's music, films, podcasting, whatever, you have to be a fan. And being a fan, you should know, you should watch people before you did, and there definitely should be somebody who did this before you that you could always say they have, they get the credit for, for you wanting to become an artist in the first place. You know what I'm saying? Now, there's no doubt about it. When Drake came into the game, I believe about is it like 2008, 2009, somewhere around there, he was handed the keys to take over right off the bat, you know, he started with young money under Lil Wayne, and Lil Wayne was the biggest thing smoking, you know what I'm saying? Lil Wayne couldn't miss, you know, Lil Wayne was number one in the rap game at the time, you know, he was, he started young money and it was just like anything that had his stamp of approval on it was, was platinum or better, you know, he was, he was, he couldn't miss. It was his time, it was his era. And if you notice, like in the music game, you know, people have, like, they time, you know what I'm saying? Lil Wayne had his tom, 50, had his death row, had a run, nWA had a run, you know, saying it's a game of runs, you know, I'm saying, like, people have they time, people have their little era, people have their little portion of history, you know, I'm saying, at one point, I think Gucci man was, was supposed to be the next, you know, big thing. He just had a lot of legal trouble, you know what I'm saying? But, you know, he came up under Lil Wayne and Nikki as well. And they, you know, they took off, you know, Drake took off running. Some would probably even make the mistake and say Drake has passed Lil Wayne. You know, I wouldn't say that. I'm not one of those, but the younger generation, you know, I'm saying, you know how that goes. They can only talk about, you know, what they know, you know what I'm saying? And, you know, as far as having runs and having an error, you know, Drake is no different. Drake has had, you know, he has had a run, you know, where he was the top guy, arguably, some people even may seem to say, you know, he's still the top guy, you know what I'm saying? And when you go on this run and you feel like you have become the top guy, in comes a lot of responsibility. It has to, you still have to have, you still have to be humble. You have to be humble and you have to be smart because you on top and because you are fan, you should realize that a person doesn't always stay on top forever, you know, you're not always gonna be on that high. You're not always gonna be number one. All you gotta do is look at past history, man. It always happens. It always happens. It always happens. Everybody's always looking to be the next best thing. Fans are always looking, you know, to get behind the next best thing. You know what I'm saying fans are always wanting to be able to say they were up on this new guy first. You know, you should know this Drake, because you was once the new guy, you know, and the mistake that he made, and I believe it's a, it's a big one and it's a mistake that a lot of them have made, is when, especially if you a certain type of artist, you know, Drake is not necessarily regarded as a street dude or a street artist. You know what I'm saying? When you, when you recorded a diss track, right, you might want to think this out. You have to think long and hard first. You have to think real, real hard first. When you record a diss track, and especially if you plan on going at somebody that's lyrical, somebody that's, that's lyrical and somebody that's more like somebody's music is more for the streets. Somebody's music is aimed more at being, you know, hardcore and street. When you record your diss track against this person, you might want to make the song just about him. And Drake didn't do that. What Drake did was on his first diss track, Drake decided to diss multiple people on the, on that one song. He went at Kendrick, he went at Rick Ross, he went at future, and he went at a couple of others. Now, you know, this is nothing new. This is not, he's not the first person to do this, but, and I'm going to talk about, you know, some others who did it, and I'm going to tell you the difference. But now the situation and the problem is when you diss multiple people on the song, all of these artists are that the song is not just about one individual, one individual artist, it's about multiple. So now it becomes that these artists that you, that you're dissing, they're just getting certain lines in the song aimed at them. You know, like, you know, you just come at them with certain lines and then you going on to the next person, you know, the person after that, you know what I'm saying? Like, how do you do it? Now, you may have this one, you may have this kendrick the most on the song, but the bars and the lyrics were still divided out to go against four different artists or three or have, however, how many it was. You understand what I'm saying? Now here's the problem with that. And it's a big one. It's a big one. And you're putting yourself at a big disadvantage. All these artists that you diss on this song, you kind of have to hope that these guys, well, at least, let's say if it's four people, you got. You have to. You have to kind of hope that at least two of them don't respond. If two of them don't respond, you might come out okay. You know what I'm saying? But that's a big if. You know, you're taking a gamble now. If all four of these guys respond, that's four different artists. That's four different diss tracks. And all of these guys that, you know, if they respond, when they come back with a diss track against you, that whole song, they whole song that they made is about you. So that's four songs that's dissing you, whereas your track is one song, this, and all four divided into, you know, some lines here and there for each one of them. So automatically, like, you're, you're, you're. You're starting. You're starting from the bottom. And that's funny. I say that Drake has a song starting, starting from the bottom. And now we hear you're already putting yourself at a disadvantage. You know, your record is only certain lines that these guys and these guys are doing complete songs on you. So that kind of puts you at a. At a disadvantage now. And Kendrick is lyrical, like, Kendrick is lyrical, so it's hard. You're going to be hard pressed to come up from that, man, if all four of them respond, you know what I'm saying? It's going to be hard for you. Now, going back to what I mean by you should have been, you should be a student of the game. You saw this play out before. You saw this play out before because I know you had to, like, I know you're a fan of this guy. I know you had to be watching this guy's career. And you have to, you have to be aware that he made the same mistake. We talking about Jay Z, my man, Jay Z, the greatest businessman to ever live, right? Billionaire. He made the same mistake back, back when he dis Nas on the song takeover. He also dissed mob deep on that song. And he did the same exact thing. He was dissing multiple people. It all goes back to what I just said earlier. Jay Z felt like, you know, it was his time. He was on top. He was untouchable. So he decided to diss multiple people on this one song. And the song was good. The music was good. But when Nas recorded ether, that whole song was about Jay Z, not just a couple lines. You know what I'm saying? Now on Jay Z's takeover, I believe that he just. NASA more than mad and more. The song was aimed at Nas, but the whole song wasn't. And then when Nas came back with ether, the whole song was about Jay, and that automatically, you know, either was fire, but that automatically put Jay Z at a disadvantage automatically, you know what I'm saying? And I know, like, Drake had to be aware of this, you know what I'm saying? Nas was lyrical, so it's like, you're not going to defeat him with just a couple of lines, you know what I'm saying? You have to. I know it's a thing called confidence, but Nas is lyrical. Is it? Do you really feel like all you have to do is record a couple of lines and he could do a couple of songs, and you gonna win that way. You that much better than him. Like, you. You can't. You. You can't. You can't think that. You gotta be. You gotta be smarter than that. You gotta be smarter than that. You got, you have to. You going against a guy that. That could go song for song with you, and you just trying to do it with a couple of lines. It's not really gonna work out for you. And then you have, you know, you have Kendrick, who's lyrical. It can go back and forth with you, and then you still have the other three guys to contend with. You gonna have to get back at them. So Kendrick, is this focusing and dissing you where, as opposed to you have your mind focused on three different people, you go, you putting yourself at a disadvantage, bro. You putting yourself. You starting from the bottom, man. You start from the bottom. Now, my man Pac, he did it. He went at Biggie. Who's lyrical? Junior mafia, little Kim. He disl cool J. I mean, pretty much, you know, mob deep like. You name it, he does. Nas. You name it, he did it. Right, just in case you're looking at that situation, right. You name it, he did it. Now, Pac was that kind of artist that can go at you. He was. He was that kind of artist. Drake is not really known as a battle rapper or street rapper. You know, saying Pac could do a little bit of it all. That was number one. Number two, Pac also had the outlaws with him, and they were, they were lyrical, and they were about that life, and they were also on, if not all, most of the diss tracks that Pac recorded. So he had an army with him. He was on death row. He had a team with him. He had a machine behind him. Drake is not in a group. I don't know if Drake has that same support system. I don't think so. You know what I'm saying? You gotta remember, you gotta remember, Drake is not just about the music. It's a lot more that goes into it. And one of the things that go into it is being smart and planning wise. You gotta, like, you gotta really plan this stuff out and really look at the bigger picture. It's not about your past success or your status. It's about what you're doing right now. And I hope. I hope that you thought this all the way through. It doesn't seem like it, but I hope you did and you was willing to do this anyway. Now, when I come back here on the talk of the town, now, I'm going to discuss with, with you the outcome. Who I think is, is better, who I think won. And more importantly, I'm going to tell you what this reminds me of. And it's almost the same exact situation down to the table, and I don't think nobody realizes it. Y'all gotta stay tuned, man. You do not want to miss this. It's the slackest talk podcast here on the VisionLive network. You know what the most important thing about building a brand is? Deciding who handles all your web development and marketing needs. Visionworks is the one stop shop for all your business needs. The team at Visionworks provides all services like logos, website design, hosting, emails, service, and much more. You can even buy everything you need from their store. Just go to visionlivehosting.com and choose from thousands of business products and plans. Start today and thank me later. Follow the slackest talk podcast on Facebook, Instagram, or your favorite social media platforms. Thank y'all for staying with me here on the Slackest Talk podcast, this may edition of the Talk of the town now. And we getting it in, man. The Drake Kendrick Lamar situation, which one are you rocking with? You know, what was going on? Which was your take? The situation is very interesting. I think it's two people that fans wanted to go at each other for a while. I personally never thought it would happen. You know, they both successful. I kind of thought they would just like, ignore each other, you know what I mean? So I can say, like, I'm kind of surprised by this, but you know what I mean? Egos. Their egos. They get in the way, man. You think you the man. I think I'm the man. It gets like that. It gets like that. And one of the things that like this remind me of, and it's like the same identical situation and I haven't heard anybody, like, think about it, say it or anything. And I wonder if I'm the only one. And I want y'all to, you know, reach out to me, email me, whatever we can get on social media and let me know what y'all think, man. But this is like the same exact situation down to the t, and it ties into what I talked about during the last segment. If you're a fan of what you do, and you should be, you have to know, and you have to be aware of things that happen to certain people before your time. You know what I'm saying? You have to be a student of the game. The object of it is to watch the people before you, the good and bad. You know, you take the good and you try to add to it, and you take the bad, and you try to make sure that that doesn't happen to you. You know? If you're faced with this situation, what can you do differently? You know, how would you be able to work a better outcome? Those are the things that you look for when you're a fan of what you do and you're a student of the game. You take the good and the bad, man, you know? And if you're Drake, right? I want to say this first. If you. If you're Drake and you number one, right, you're the number one guy right now, right? You're selling records, you're selling out arenas, you sing, you rap, basically, you know, you. I can say probably your legacy is made already. You know, you. You had a run. You got your start with young money, and you came up under Lil Wayne. You even have people out there that believe that you had a better career than Lil Wayne or you're better than him. Like, how many people can say that? Or how many people can either have that consideration to possibly be the better than the person that found you, you know what I'm saying? Like, that's, you know what I mean? That tells you right then and there, you got something. At this point of your career, when you have been on top already, there's nowhere to go but down. Like, if you're on top, you can't go to the top. You there already. It may. As long as it ain't nothing, you know, crazy. As long as it's, like, nothing crazy and nothing, like all the way out there. It'll work wonders for you if you. If someone was to diss you first. It'll work wonders for you if you don't respond. Some people, and I know what the saying is. You know what I mean? You got to defend your honor, things of that nature, blah, blah, blah, blah. You got to stand up. Certain people, release diss tracks just to become relevant again. Some people do it just to get people talking about them, just garner attention and stuff like that. And them entering a rap battle, you know, getting into a battle with Drake, that's gonna work for them. I'm not sure what it's gonna do for Drake. You understand? I'm saying he has to. He has to see that, and he has to. He has to understand that. You know, I'm saying, by you not responding, there's a a good group of fans and mature people that would understand that that person is not on that level for you to respond. You understand what I'm saying? Like, certain people will feel like, oh, you ain't say anything, but there's a lot of people that feel like, eh, Drake don't have to, you know, I mean, that guy's not on that level. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Not saying that Kendrick is not. [00:50:49] Speaker B: And. [00:50:49] Speaker A: And I don't even know who started the beef, to be honest with you. I'm saying this, and I don't even know who started it. You know, if it's Drake, Drake should never, Drake should definitely never be in the business of, like, starting beefs with people and dissing, you know what I'm saying? Like, there's nothing to prove, you know what I'm saying? He shouldn't be in the business, so it should only be a matter of people dissing him, and if or when he's going to respond, you know what I'm saying? That should be the only two options or situations. He should never, like, initiate anything now. Plus, the reason why, like, he shouldn't initiate anything. And again, like, this is being a student of the game. Although, like, yeah, you could rap, and you could, you know, you're capable of making good diss tracks. You know what I'm saying? The back to back against Meek Mill, that was a good track. And again, the whole song was about Meek Mill. Message. You ain't just three or four people or whatever. The whole song was about Meek Mill. And you see how that worked out for you. It worked out better than trying to go at four or five people on one song. You see what I'm saying? But, yeah, you could rap, and you could do diss tracks. You have that in you. But you have to realize that this is not what you're known for. This is not what makes you. This is not your bread and butter. You didn't become, you know, the number one rapper on top by dissing people. You got there by, yeah, rapping, but you got also got there by singing. A lot of your earlier work was singing. And even when, you know, you were rapping, it was singing incorporated into it. You know what I'm saying? You're more of a, of an artist that, you know that the ladies like. You know what I'm saying? You're not a street, a street rapper. Hardcore. I'm a dis. You, you wasn't built off of that. You, you rap, you sing, and you, somebody at the ladies, like, that's just your thing, man. That's, that's who you are. And you have to accept that. You know what I'm saying? Like, yes, you can switch it up and do different things, but that's. You got to stay true to your core fan base, you know what I'm saying? And I say that because Kendrick is lyrical. He's more of. For the streets and the battle and stuff like that. You know, I'm saying, you're going into his house, you know, I'm saying, like, you're. This is more catered to him than anything else. And you have to, you have to realize that. You have to realize that. And not for nothing, but I keep going back to it. Remember, you a student of the game. You saw this same exact thing play out before you, the same in this identical. It's crazy how much this, this whole thing is. It's almost like a replay. You saw this happen to ja rule, who, oh, by the way, yeah, he could rap. Yeah, he could rap. And he's capable of making disc records and stuff like that, but his bread and butter would made him a number one artist. And what brought all his success to the table was the singing. And he incorporated songs for the ladies. The ladies liked him. That's when now he tried the hard call with Holla Holla, his first joint, and it went platinum because he was, and he is a good artist. He's a good rapper. It went platinum. But what took him to the top is when he started the singing and for the ladies and stuff like that, and started doing both, you know, the soft records, the records with Bobby Brown and Ashanti. That's what his fans wanted from him. And that's who he was. Now. He decided to go at 50 cent. 50 cent, as we all know, one of the biggest battle rappers there ever is in the game, dissing people beef his. That's his whole ammo, you know, that's his whole movie. Ja Rule came out first Ja Rul was a platinum artist. When Ja rule was doing his thing, nobody knew who 50 Cent was. All Ja Rule had to do was not respond. Or if you want to, hey, you know, say a little lines here and a couple of songs and stuff like that, yada, yada, yada, and then, you know, be on your way. But to get into a full fledged beef and to make a whole album, to make a whole album, dissing people, that just wasn't what the fans wanted to see from him, man. You know, we clap back was a good song, but that wasn't what the fans wanted to see. He wasn't known for that. He just wasn't known for that. And he didn't understand that. But because he was on top, he felt like the fans are just going to get behind me and love everything I do, and this is going to win me over. Remember, things change. Fans always want to, there's always somebody that's coming from the. For the spot. There's always, there's fans out there that want to be down with the next best thing, and the rest is history. Like, 50 had, you know, he was a battle rapper. He had g unit with him, same as pop. They always, you know, group, they always about that life. He was with aftermath. He had dream. He had the machine. It was just no way, like, Ja Rule was going to win that. All Ja Rule had to do was not respond. He would still probably be making records today, you know what I'm saying? Now, Drake, the records are good. I'm not sure that's what your core fan base want to hear from you now you're going at Kendrick. Kendrick is associated with Dre. He's a, he's associated with Dre, Eminem and the game and aftermath and all that. I don't know. I don't think he signed to that, but he's, you know, associated under that umbrella, so he has a backing, you know, a west coast back in and stuff like that. And you kind of going against a machine the same way, you know, Ja Rule was. And it's just crazy how these two situations are so similar, man. It's so much the same that it's crazy. But Kendrick is killing it, man. Kendrick is killing it. Kendrick is lyrical. You can hear it in his flow. How you just go for days. He can go continuously. And Drake, I don't know, man. Like, like, hopefully, like, you know, you could. There hasn't been a winner yet, but hopefully, you know, you can still continue to go on. Like, things ain't work out as much for ja rule, but hopefully, you know, I mean, you still have a. Have a lane. Whatever happens, I know Kendrick went, like, back to back, and so far, to me, you know, Kendrick is winning this thing. And, you know, Drake, I just. I don't understand why, you know, I mean, it's just. No need. Like, for what it's worth, like, I guess you and Ross, y'all was cool. You even, like, you know, you're going against people that could possibly help you if you need it. So it's like, I don't know, man. Hopefully, you know, you a smart dude. You're a millionaire for a reason. I hope you have some kind of. Some kind of plan. You know, you probably have something in place. You probably working on something to come back with as we speak. But just in general, man, like, think things drew you on top. Like, some of the best battles are ones that are never fought. You know what I'm saying? You have to weigh your options, man. Like, who is this one to benefit more? And like I said, you might have a reason. I don't know how this even got started. I don't know if you started it or he did or however, you know, I didn't go that far. But, Drake, you've been rolling for a while, and if it's the passion of the torch or if it's time for somebody else, then you just, like, let that person take over. But you don't be the cause of it, man. You don't make it come quicker than what it should. You know what I'm saying? But like I said, maybe you have some kind of plan in place. But right now, man, Kendrick is on top. Kendrick is doing his thing, and he wins this battle. I think if he wasn't already, I think we might have a new number one. And that's the question. Does Drake have a plan, or will he now be known as King Kendrick? That's the question. This has been the slackest talk podcast, aka the talk of the town. Now, I'm your host, film producer Jason Slack. And, you know, for anybody in the music industry right now, man, Kendrick. Kendrick is different, man. Kendrick is different. Like, he can go a lot of different ways with his music, you know, I'm saying that he could just, like, flow on all aspects, man. That kid got it. But anyway, I hope y'all enjoyed the show. This is a blessing. Thanks for listening, and as always, man, we'll be back again to talk next week. Peace.

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