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The talk of the town now podcast is hosted by Film Producer Jason Slack. Listen to Jason as he gives some reviews and opinions on certain topics. The podcast is set to air weekly. The topics will include film, music, fashion, entertainment, politics, etc. There are also plans to debut new artist music on shows via audio or video. The podcast also serves as a platform for anyone looking to promote something new or if they have an upcoming event in town.

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Latest Episodes…

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    Slack gives his take on what he think Dr. Martin Luther King Jr wanted the most. ...


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    Slack talks about New Year’s resolution. You should have more than one and what are the key elements to making them happen. ...


  3. Christmas Mailbag Show

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  4. Happy Thanksgiving Season 2 finale

    Slack gives a recap on season 2 and pays tribute to Young Dolph. ...


  5. Scottie Pippen's Book

    Slack talks about the relationship between the greatest duo to ever play the game of basketball and why it may not be a good idea to meet your childhood hero. ...