A big problem for Diddy

Episode 137 May 24, 2024 00:33:44
A big problem for Diddy
Slack isTalk
A big problem for Diddy

May 24 2024 | 00:33:44


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A video of Diddy and Cassie surfaces in a hotel hallway

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: And now it's the time you've been waiting for. You're in the mix with film producer Jason Slack, aka the Talk of the town. Now, the 40 Vision films man himself, the owner of the Jason Slack brand. The place to be is here on the Vision live network. And now, let's get it in. Welcome to the Slack is Talk podcast. [00:00:32] Speaker B: Welcome to the Slackest Talk podcast, aka the Talk of the town. Now I'm your host, film producer Jason Slack, and this is season number four. And on today's show, we got an episode you do not want to miss. So without a doubt, let's get it in. [00:00:50] Speaker C: Welcome to the Vision Live Network. You are now tuned in to the Slack is Talk podcast hosted by film producer Jason Slack and presented by the VisionLive network. The Visionlife Network is the home of a number of today's popular podcast. Since you are already a fan, you might as well subscribe. Visit www.visionlivenetwork.com, go to the Slack is Talk podcast, then click the subscribe button. That's it. It's that simple. The show will be delivered to your device every time there is a new episode. Now you can hear all the talk from the 40 Vision man himself. Thanks for tuning in to the Vision Live network where you can experience our vision live. 40 Vision Films and God Star Productions are two proud sponsors of the Vision Live Network, working together to bring us the best listening experience possible. 40 Vision Films and Godstar productions, two marquee names in our industry today. For more information, visit 40 visionfilms.com dot. [00:01:50] Speaker B: And welcome to another epic edition of the Talk of the Town. Now, I'm your host, film producer Jason Slack, and today is Thursday, May 23, 2024. And on Today's show, we got some groundbreaking news about your boy Diddy, and we're going to talk about the video that's being looked at around the world. And this is not good. This is an episode you might not want to miss. First, I want to start off by, you know, wishing everybody a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend in advance. Y'all know how I feel about these occasions. Go and turn on the grill and just do it up, man. Burgers, wings, corn on the cob, barbecue, baked beans. Do your thing, man. Everybody enjoy it. Be safe out there and just have a good weekend. Also, man, I want to thank everybody, man, for supporting those sports crossover shows, man, and tuning in to the sports court network. You know, my sports episodes been getting a lot of reviews as anticipated, man. I have a lot of sports fans out there and sports was my first passion, you know what I'm saying? So I appreciate the love on those special, you know, sports edition, all those sports episodes that we do. You know, I promise in the beginning of the year, you know, we add sports into the mix and, you know, thank y'all for tuning in to the sports court network and checking out the website and looking at the videos and this all that you do, man. Appreciation. Special programming note. We have about, I have about three episodes left. And then, you know, in the middle of June. We got one more in May and then two in June. Y'all know, I'll take my middle of the year break. You know, I usually gonna break around this time. We'll just take about a month off. So roughly the last two weeks of June and the first two weeks of July, we'll take a small break on the slackest talk podcast and, you know, we'll come back, you know, part two of season four here on the talk of the town. Now, you know, as always, man, you know, my day one listeners and y'all been tuning in since day one. Y'all know how I do it. If anything major happens within that time, you know, I'll give y'all an update. We'll do like, what we call a demand episode. You know, I'm saying at the time, you know, as always, we'll still have everything going on online as far as the slackest talk question of the week and all that good stuff. And, you know, we keep that going. But this is a small program break, you know, roughly, you know, three episodes left to the halfway point, and then we'll be back in, you know, July, mid July. Now, you know, speaking of, speaking of, speaking of those episodes that are in demand. And what demand means? What I mean by demand, I mean, like a lot of my listeners, when I see a lot of my listeners talking about something or asking me to talk about something, I like to deliver. And this is one of those episodes, you know, immediately when the news broke and the video came out, it just became like, it became like the slackest talk podcast. It became the talk of the town now. And, you know, originally, you know, I had something else for this episode, you know, planned, but this news just wrote. And, I mean, it just, it took off like wildfire, man. You know, we talking about, you know, your boy diddy once again. And, you know, this is like, probably about our third episode, you know, dealing with him. We talked about, you know, the mace breakup, how, you know, them two went at it, and we talked about how, you know, he treated his artists. Which one would you rather have? Him and Suge. And we also lately have been talking about, you know, his legal trouble, and, you know, here we are yet again, you know, talking about him again. And, you know, it's just for me, you know, I never. I wasn't a fan of his, you know, I'm a death row fan. Pac, you know, dog, Pam, sug, Dre. You know, I was on that side. Even though I'm from New York, I'm just a Pac fan. Wherever Pac go, that's me. And I was never a fan of his. But the one thing that he had going for him was he in the beginning. And for the longest time, he seemed like he was on the straight narrow. You know, you didn't hear about him getting too much in trouble, even though that was. There was a shooting in the club. He kind of, like, separated himself from that, you know, even though he was involved in it. There was, like, nothing kind of linking him, like, saying that he started it. And, you know, other than that, there was no major trouble, like, no lawsuits, no complaints. Everybody regarded him as a businessman that stayed out of the way, stayed in trouble. Throughout the whole east coast, west coast robbery, he was regarded as a victim. You know, he came out and wanted to maintain the peace. He came out on the right side of that as far as the media and just overall, man, a clean image, a businessman who made it, a black man who made it, and, you know, who loved his mother. And when he got on, you know, he took care of his family and everything. You didn't really hear too much about his artist saying anything about him. And, you know, he was just on the right path the whole time. And, you know, for me, it's not to try to bring him out or glorify this. For me, the thing that I keep going back to, and I like to point out, is how, you know me as a black man and us, you know, as black people, the culture and our history and everything, when. When we look at all our people that made it, you know what I'm saying? That turned nothing into something that had a dream or idea and went on to become billionaires or multimillionaires. All of our people that's in that category, all of them, their names have been tainted or have, you know, this black scar next to it, man, that's this unbearable, you know, diddy, you know, he started the music, changed the way, you know, basically said, you know, you don't have to stay in music. You can make clothes. The history of Sean John, you know, you could become a brand ambassador for a liquor company. Russell Simmons, same thing. Bill Cosby. Just a couple of weeks ago, we talked about OJ R. Kelly. These are guys that's looked at as heroes and legends, guys that made it, you know what I'm saying? People that, you know, we should be able to look up to and we can't because they names are now tainted. That's, that's what I look at, you know what I'm saying? When in other cultures, it's not like that. You know, they have billionaires, they have people that own islands, and you don't even know who they are. You understand what I'm saying? That's the type of thing that I look at, and that's the type of thing that we had to turn around as a people. And I feel like, you know, I have to bring, I have to bring that to the light. Somebody has to do it. Like, who's going to be that guy that turned nothing into something, became a billionaire, you know, never got in trouble, never was in the news for the wrong reasons and just like doing it, like putting other people on and just living life, and then it's just left at that. That's his legacy. We have to have one person like that man. We have to now, you know, getting back to Diddy, even from the time that he started, you know, I don't know what year he started. Maybe it was like 91, 92, maybe even 89. Or somewhere in that era, he would never really get in trouble or his name would never be in nothing major, but you would always hear rumors and little sayings about him by different people here and there. A lot of it has been about the type of parties he have. Most of it has been about certain people that has done business with him. Basically how, you know, he treats people and handles people the way he likes to control things. And you know how I feel about that. You know, if you get four or five people or more that saying the same thing, it's probably like something to it, you know, especially if these people, like, don't know each other. They don't have any history of each other, you know, we talked about that all the time. You know, there will always be like rumors and rumblings about them, but nothing would never stick. You know, people will look at it like, take his artist or anybody that he does business with. People would just chalk it up to, eh, you know, that's business. Sometimes people have a fallen out. Things like that happen with all record labels and all business and stuff. Like that, you know, he's just a high profile guy. So you heard about, you know, this one about his parties. You know, he'd be like, yo, he do it, but he's not responsible for everything that all the people do there and stuff like that. You know, you can't talk that up to him. Even. Even with the shooting in the club, it kind of got passed off, as, you know. Yeah, he was there, but it kind of felt like that, you know, that was somebody else doing, you know, he didn't actually, like, shoot the gun and all that. And now the latest with the sex trafficking, you know, putting his hands on women and stuff like that. It has all been nothing but rumors and rumblings and different sayings up until now. And regardless of how, you know, you feel about them or what opinion you might have had, you might have. The rumors are rumors, the sayings are sayings. But I used to always say and think to myself, like, man, you know, this guy, he must be real good, because you would always hear the rumors and stuff like that, but you would never actually see anything. There was never. There was never any evidence. He was never caught on tape doing anything. There was never, like, no sure fire evidence of it. Yeah, you had all these different people saying this and saying that, and that is a good indication that he is doing something. But still there's this mystery because you never saw it. And that's the one thing I used to always say. That's the one thing that he had working for himself. You never saw it. You know what I'm saying? And you add the fact that you never saw it with the interviews that he do in public, this image that he portrays with the dancing and calling himself brother love. And overall, in general, it was just. It felt funny. Cause it was like, you never see this stuff. You never see it. And you start to think, you know, all these years that went by, there would have been, like, a tape or some type of victim or some type of evidence that would pop up, and it never did. And it was a small part, a small part of people that would say or feel like maybe these people are lying on him. Maybe, you know, they just jealous. Maybe, you know, they just messing with him. You know, maybe he's, uh, people want to take his spot, you know, that kind of stuff, because nothing would never surface. Now, all of that has went out the window. All of the speculation and no evidence. And, you know, maybe he's innocent. All that has gone out the window as of last week, unless you've been living under a rock last week, there was a video that started to surface of him in a hotel lobby, you know, with Cassie, with him chasing her down. And he proceeds to do her on the ground and start kicking her. Now, up until that point, I can honestly say, man, all my years of knowing who he is, that's the first time you seen, like, any violence. He never was caught, like, in a fight or argument of any sort. Like, up until that time, man, like, I mean, I'm talking about clean and we talking about over 30 something years, man, like, that's the first. Now, I know that there's gonna be some fans of his that says, oh, you know, people fight all the time. It's a simple domestic violence. That doesn't mean, you know, he's, he did everything else that he's accused of, yada, yada, yada. But I'm gonna take a break, and then when we come back, I'm gonna show you and tell you how this one video, one video has opened up pandora's box for everything else that he's been accused of and how this could lead to his downfall. Stay tuned. It's the slackest talk podcast. What's up, slackest talk community? We here with another slackest talk question of the week. And yes, it is a sports related question. Yet again, as you know, sports is taking over, and this week is no different. This week, slack is talk question of the week is, out of the Final Four NBA teams left in the NBA playoffs, which team is the worst? Is it the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Indiana Pacers, the Dallas Mavericks, or the Boston Celtics? I see on this one, man, y'all switch it up a little bit. Like y'all went, who's not the best, but who's the worst? And that's kind of crazy. You know, we now the four teams, man, this is the best, you know, the NBA has to offer. And you asking, you know, which one is the worst? So let's do it. You know, stay on the slackest talk, man. I give you a straight answer. And this is no different for me, me being the basketball player, man, and the fan. When you talk playoffs, it's not just about talent. It's also about experience. And, you know, by these teams being the last four, they all got talent, obviously. They all, they all do. And I'm going to go with the team with the least experience and also the team that has maybe the weakest, number one option on it, I would say right now. And that would be, unfortunately, the Indiana Pacers. And I hate to get that answer because they beat the Knicks. Y'all know, y'all know how I can't stand the Knicks, but I know pass out. Pascal sialcum, excuse me, he has won a championship. Other than that, Indiana is young and unproven. You know, they have, they don't have many players that has been in the playoffs before yet alone, you know, trying to make it to the finals and win the championship. You know, I think Siaka might be the only one. You could say the same, almost the same for Minnesota. Rudy Gobert has been around for a while with Utah. You know, they used to get there and Boston is loaded. They have tons of experience. Tatum, Brown, they've been in the playoffs before. Drew Holiday, definitely with Milwaukee. What's my man, Pozingas, he's been there. You know, they, they're veteran team now. They're their veteran, their team of veterans. Also the same with the Mavericks. Kyrie won one and they have, you know, a bunch of people that have been there before. They have a mixture. But I think the difference is Dallas has Luca, Minnesota has ant man, and Boston has Tatum and Brown. I'm not sure if Indiana has that number one that's on those, you know, that caliber yet. You know, Skyrs is the limit. They still young and they still getting there. You know, it's good that they there now. I just don't know if they there right now. They will be. As long as they keep that team together, they definitely will be, but I just don't know if they have that star power right now. So I have to say Indiana and it was close, but I'm gonna go with Indiana in this one. That's it for this week's like, it's twelve questions of the week. Appreciate y'all keep continuing submitting those questions, man. And we get to it. Till next time, peace. If you are a musician, dj, podcaster, radio host, or you do anything dealing with an audio platform, check out a company called Sonar. They specialize in musical WordPress themes and services. If you are looking for a good mp3 audio player for your radio station or something to showcase selling your music online, Sonar is right for you. They have hundreds of professional templates for you to choose from and to give you the look you're looking for, visit Sonar IO. That's s o n a a r IO and set yourself apart from the competition. Welcome back here on the Slackest Talk podcast, aka the talk of the town now where once again we talking about Diddy in a new video with him and Cassie that surfaced last week and how this could lead to bigger problems now, you know, to jump back in where we left off, this. This tape has taken things to a new level because now, even though it's not everything that he's been accused of, it doesn't, you know, it doesn't cover all the rumors and allegations and stuff like that. But now people have something to go off on. You know, you can no longer say that you don't engage in this type of stuff. You can no longer say that somebody's hating on you. You can't no longer say, this is a money thing. People understand why you were so quick to settle and pay Cassie. Now everything is now on the table. Everything has to be considered. And, you know, real quick, let me just tell you what I mean. As far as, you know, the sexuality allegations, if you would ask a straight man, if you would give a straight man the scenario where, you know, he's in a hotel with Cassie, when you talk about, you know, what's the thought process? What ideas would that man come up with? Long story short, it probably wouldn't be what Diddy did. You know, that might be the last thing, you know, that, you know, that might be the last idea, if any at all, that, you know, a straight man would come up with if they was with Cassie in the hotel just to, you know, be nice about it and be blunt about it, about, you know, about you being a monster. Over the years, there has been, I don't know, maybe hundreds of situations where people have done stuff in front of cameras and stuff like that. You know, you think of Ray Rice, Jay Z had an incident in the elevator. Quavo and, sweetie, when you, to me, when you get to a certain level in life, you know, when you reach billionaire status and stuff like that, and, you know, we in the age of social media where everything is being captured, everything is being watched. When you already notice and you still do stuff like that. When, you know, you being recorded, you pretty far out there. You're pretty gone at that point. Like, you know, like, you have to be in a certain mindset, a certain trainer thought, like, reality has somewhat gone out the window. Like, you reached a point where you think you larger than life. There's no, there's no getting out of that. That's kind of like cold cut, plain and simple. As far as, you know, you paying, paying the hotel for the footage, I guess after you did what you did, you know, that'd be a wise move. That would be smart. So go ahead and pay and make sure that it doesn't get out there, that would be a wise move. After you done, you know, after you committed the crime, after you did what you did, you know, that'd be smart. Now, this next part, I just want to make sure that I'm getting right, because this is what I have a hard time understanding. From the way that the story is unfolding. It seemed like he bought the footage from the hotel people, and this was, you know, this incident allegedly happened years ago, and it had to happen years ago because, you know, him and Cassie has been over for a while now. So he bought the footage. But then after he bought the footage, you kept the footage in your house for some reason. Now the hotel and this footage that you bought is the only. Only evidence of you hitting this girl or hitting this woman. And instead of destroying it, you kept it in your house. Nobody, nobody has knew about this incident but you, Cassie, and maybe some people close and both of y'all circle. Nobody has ever. Nobody else outside of that has ever known about this incident. So if you destroy and get rid of this footage, it would be just like it never happened and you decide to keep it in your house. Why now? I went back and forth with this because, you know, I don't want to. You know, I try to get people to benefit the doubt and dig positive. There's no good reason for him to be keeping that footage other than he sometimes goes back and watch it for pleasure. For somebody that's a billionaire and made so many good decisions in business and has earned, you know, earned his wealth and earned, you know, earned every accolade as far as his business acumen and hard work and hustle, that's just the stupidest move, man, that I've ever heard of, man. I mean, you have to be in a different mindset. Like, you. You have to be. You have to be. And it's just sad to say, like, this doesn't. This doesn't look good. It doesn't look good, man. You know, and before I started this episode, man, I had planned on doing a full episode, but for one, man, we done talked about this situation so many times already, and now I'm thinking about it. I know it's going to be more information that. That comes out of this, and y'all gonna request me to talk about it. And, like, just thinking about it, man, like, it just gives us people, man. It just makes us look bad, you know what I'm saying? And it just, like, goes back into how we don't have that person that. That could just be looked at as that's the guy or the woman that did that, you know, turned up into something, became a billionaire, and her name, his or her name is still intact. You know what I'm saying? Just a reminder. So, you know, I'm just. This is frustrating, man. I'm gonna cut this short. But, um, for those of y'all that think, you know, this is just one incident, and they can't use this video for anything else, you're mistaken. You know, yeah, it's the law. And they not supposed to, but they're going to use this video to paint a picture. And I'm just saying, man, if. If he decided to keep this tape, if he. If he thought that he could do what he did and it was okay for him to keep this tape, what other tapes does he have? If he thought it was okay, man, I'm done with this. Like I said, I know it's gonna be others. And y'all go make a request. And when y'all do, man, I'll be. I'll be here for it. But other than that, man, you know, y'all enjoy y'all memorial day weekend. Y'all be safe out there. Y'all take care each other. As always, man. I want to thank everybody for tuning in. Y'all know what it is. Y'all could have been anywhere in the world, but y'all right here with me. I appreciate that. And it's the slackest talk podcast, man. We'd be back to talk again next week. Peace. You're listening to the Slack is talk. [00:33:13] Speaker A: Podcast, aka the talk of the town. Now find out what's going to happen next.

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