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Joe Smith
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Joe Smith

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Find out what slack thinks about Joe Smith's wife doing onlyfans behind his back for over a year.

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[00:00:00] And now it's the time you've been waiting for. You're in the mix with film producer Jason Slack, aka the talk of the town. Now, the 40 vision films man himself, the owner of the Jason slack brand. The place to be is here on the vision live network. And now let's get it. [00:00:22] Everybody has a sick as far as they cheers. There's a party over here, there's a party over there. Everybody have a sip, have fun and say cheers. I walked in the club shorty dancing all around twerking she dipping low ass all on the ground. Give me a shot of something strong I could sip on I did a two step to DJ play my favorite. Welcome to the slackest talk podcast, aka the talk of the town. Now, I'm your host, film producer Jason slack. And today is November 2, 2023. And on today's show, we'll be talking about none other than former NBA basketball player and former number one overall pick by the golden state warriors, power forward Joe Smith. And I got to tell you, man, he got a bad deal, man. He got a bad wife, really. His wife is really doing him in. [00:01:17] Some of it is on her and some of it is just self inflicted by Joe Smith. But either way, man, we're going to talk about it. So without a doubt, let's get it in. Hey, this is your boy, Jason Slack, aka. The talk of the town. Now, the slackest talk podcast is available on all your favorite podcast platforms. Choose your favorite podcast platform, go to the slackest talk, hit that follow or subscribe button, and that's it. All your work is done as soon as you hit that follow button. A new episode, a new content of the slackest talk podcast will be delivered straight to your device as soon as it becomes available. [00:02:01] Now, here's the best part. You can listen to my show live, which I definitely recommend. [00:02:08] But it gets even better. Let's say that you busy that day. [00:02:13] The slackest talk podcast episodes will be available 24/7. So you can listen to the show later. You can listen to the show the next day. You can listen to three episodes a day. You can listen to an entire series on your way to work, on your way to the gym, however you want to do it. So you see, it's simple, easy, and convenient. So what are you waiting for? I'll see y'all Thursdays at 09:00. You heard? [00:02:42] And welcome to another epic edition of the talk of the town. Now as always, man, you rocking with the best. You rocking with your boy. Film producer Jason slack is in the building. [00:02:56] As always, man, it's just a blessing, man. I always got to starve the show each and every week like this because, man, it's nothing I love more, man. You know what I'm saying? Getting to talk, getting to talk to my listeners, to my fans out there, I love the feedback that I'm getting each and every week. I love it. This is what I envisioned when I started the show. [00:03:23] And at the beginning, man, I just got to take the time out to thank y'all, man, because you know what I mean? Without y'all, wouldn't be no Slack and Talk podcast and you already know what it is, man. Y'all could have been anywhere in the world right now, but y'all right here with me, you know what I'm saying? I appreciate that. [00:03:43] NBA season just started, you know what I mean? Y'all can be watching that hockey is going on if you're a hockey fan. The Major League Baseball World Series is about to wrap up. I know how big that is. [00:03:57] NFL going on. And I got to say this, too, because I think I might be the only one that really noticed this. [00:04:11] In the middle of October, between the middle of October and the beginning of November, like, which we're currently in right now, this is like the only time of the year where all four major sports is going on. I don't know if anybody realized that, man. You got hockey. They started. [00:04:37] I watch highlights here and there, man. I don't really follow hockey. I remember my middle school teacher made me play that sport, man, I'm going to tell that story one day. That's a funny story. I watched highlights, but they're about a month in. [00:04:52] Yeah, they're about a month in. If I'm not mistaken, they start about two weeks every year, two weeks before the NBA does. Hockey is playing right now. NBA just started. [00:05:04] You got the Baseball World Series going on, and we're about the midseason of NFL, man. So you got all four sports. WNBA just wrapped up shout outs to the aces that went back to back. And I actually think that team is going to win. [00:05:24] I think they're going to win again, man. I think Asia Wilson, man, she's it right now. I don't see nobody stopping that, you know what I'm saying? I don't see nobody stopping that. I think they go be up there as long as she's on the team, man, they go be up there for a while and they could bring in more help. Like free agency is becoming more big in WNBA. [00:05:48] So shout out to y'all, man, for still tuning in, even though all major four, all the major sports are going on right now. I want to give you all a special shout out for that. [00:05:59] It's November. It's November, man. It's November 2, man. We in November, and I want to give a shout out my Vision for Kids organization and in the month of November so far, we only have one birthday, and it's been like that for some time now. And that birthday is none other than my man Seven, you know what I'm saying? Special story about seven. [00:06:27] He's turning three. [00:06:29] I was the only one that knew that he was coming on this earth. I called it, you know what I'm saying? Like his mother's family. [00:06:41] I can't wait till he get older, man. He's my special basketball project, you know what I'm saying? I envision him on Dream Elite being a point guard. And this is what you got to do, man. You got to start early. You got to start early. [00:06:55] From day one, I put a basketball in his hand, and I'm going to continue to do so, you know what I mean? He's going to be my god at this basketball from day one, and I'm going to see where it goes, you know what I'm saying? That's my challenge. That's my challenge. So I just want to say happy birthday to my man Seven. You got the month all to yourself in the Venture for Kids organization. [00:07:17] Enjoy it. We love you. Can't wait to see you get older. We can't wait to see you on that basketball court. You already got an offer from Dream Elite, you know what it is? And we go do big things, man. We go win this championship, man. But enjoy your birthday, enjoy the whole month and just do your thing, man. I can't wait to see what the future holds. So shout out to my man Seven. [00:07:42] So special schedule note, same time. This is our third year Slackest Talk, you know what I'm saying? You know what it is. [00:07:52] Same schedule every year. Every year we end in this year on a high note. You all know what it is. Like, November is the last month of the season for Slackest Talk until January. We take the whole month of December off unless there's something like real pressing. [00:08:15] And I just want to say, you all know what it is. Same thing. [00:08:21] We have roughly maybe three episodes left in this month. We go make it all count. [00:08:27] I want to be the first to tell you, man, going in the next year, we still go do it big. We still go have our conversations about anything that comes up. Life, same exact thing. But bigger things are coming for Slackest Talk. We go implement some new things, man, some new formats, some new shows. We're going to have some new guests. I can't wait. January. As always, I like Dean Martin Luther King month. We're still doing that. [00:09:02] I want to have some guests on the show that actually live do that, you know what I'm saying, to celebrate him this year. And then, as you know, February, man, Black History Month, where each show I'm giving our props. I'm giving props to somebody who contributed to the culture, somebody that has a big impact on us being alive today, you know what I'm saying? [00:09:30] Somebody that built the foundation, that kind of thing. Whether it's a sports figure, whether it's just a public figure or what have you. Just anybody that contributed to the culture. So that's still happening, but just be on the lookout for a new slackers talk format, some new additions, you know what I mean? I can't wait to see what you all think, you know what I mean? But it's going to be some great changes. I hope you all ready, man. You all know me, man. Innovative. Always got some new things coming, so just be on the lookout for that. [00:10:06] Other than that, let's jump right in. Let's jump right in, man. [00:10:12] We got yet another crazy situation to talk about. And I mean, it is crazy, and it's about none other than Joe Smith. [00:10:25] Now, as far as my listeners go, I got kind of like a mixed fan base. [00:10:36] My fan base and my listeners range from 16 to 53, roughly. And I even have people older than that that's older than that, that listen, you know what I'm saying? But on the average, I say between those two ages. So for my young listeners out there, I have to probably explain to you who Joe Smith is. [00:11:05] But if you're a Dream Elite member, you play for my basketball team, and it's your goal to play in the NBA, then you should know your history. You should know the players that came before know. You should know, like, for example, me being a student of the game and love seen. I never got a chance to see Wilke Chamberlain play in a live basketball game, but I learned who he is. I never got a chance to see, but I was amazed at this. I had to find out about this guy that averaged a triple double, you know what I'm saying? That was unheard of to me. [00:11:56] Earl of Pearl, Monroe, the list goes on. If you're a fan of something, you should know all about the people that came before you, you know what I'm saying? Not just during your time, but before. You have to do your history. You have to do your research. [00:12:13] Now, this is for those of you that didn't do your research. I have to first explain to you who Joe Smith is. [00:12:24] Joe Smith is a former NBA basketball player, former number one overall pick, not former first round pick, former first pick overall in the draft by the Golden State Warriors, mind you. [00:12:42] He came out of University of Maryland. [00:12:45] He even had a Buzer beater against my know, the Duke Blue Devils, which I still haven't forgotten, you know what I'm saying? But he came out of college after his sophomore season, I believe, his sophomore year. He averaged 20 points, ten rebounds, and he was the man in college. He was the man in college and just some notable history. [00:13:15] He was drafted first overall before Kevin Garnett. [00:13:22] Who else? [00:13:23] Who am I forgetting? Man Pardon me for a yeah, yeah, my man, Tar Hills. Even though I don't like him, I'm a Duke fan. But Rashid Wallace, and you know, he was drafted before them two Cats, and, you could even donate Antonio Mcdice, who was a good player in his own right. But, yeah, there's some of the names that he was drafted ahead in the 1995 draft. [00:13:54] Like I said, he got drafted by Golden State. [00:14:00] Some people would say that he's a bust. I wouldn't say that. [00:14:06] To me, this is what I go by. If you were drafted, if you're a top five pick, you're expected to be a multi time All Star, potential hall of Fame candidate. [00:14:28] When somebody draft you that high, that's what the team is thinking. [00:14:33] They're looking at you as multi year All Star at least, you know what I'm saying? Potential hall of Famer. [00:14:42] Definitely. You're supposed to be a franchise player, and I wouldn't say he was ever a franchise player, but he put up some solid numbers. [00:14:58] He played for 16 years, so he didn't flame out. He wasn't one of them Cats that played three or four years, and you never heard of him again. [00:15:08] Never a superstar, but always solid, always a good player to have on your team, you know what I'm saying? You need players like that. [00:15:17] As I said before, everybody can't be a superstar, you know what I'm saying? And that's okay, because you need people to come in and play a role. You need those kind of people that I might not average 25 or 28, but on a given night, I could do that, you know what I'm saying? If need be, I could do that here and there. You need those kind of players, you know what I'm saying? If you have a player like that, that's your third or fourth best player. You got something. You got something. You got a great team, but solid 16 year career. [00:16:02] He made a reported 61 million over his playing career, which is not bad. I know you all probably saying it's peanut today compared to the contracts, the contract that's being signed today. Like, you got people making 50 million in one year. So you told me this cat only made 61 million in 16 years. [00:16:26] I know what you're thinking, you know what I'm saying? But back then, $61 million was a lot of money. [00:16:34] Even now, $61 million is nothing to laugh at. Definitely nothing to laugh at. [00:16:42] That's good money, man. 61 million, you in business. [00:16:47] You could potentially be set for the rest of your life, you know what I'm saying? You do everything right. You live right, you know what I'm saying? Make the right investments and stuff like that. So that's definitely, like, nothing to laugh at. [00:17:01] So he made 61. So on a quick note, I have to say this because I have to tell you this because it's going to come back into play during our conversation about what he's going through now with his wife and everything. [00:17:21] So an important key element to his playing career, right? [00:17:29] I believe it was. I might be wrong on the year, but, like, in 1998, right? [00:17:38] He became a free agent. I believe I said I might be off on a year. It might have been a little bit later than that, right? 99, like close to 2000, something like that. [00:17:53] Now, first off, well, let me tell the story. Let me tell the story first. I'm sorry. Let me tell the story first. I might be off on a year, but he was a free agent. And like I said, he didn't become a superstar, but there's a place for him to lead. [00:18:15] His first year, he averaged 15 points with Golden State. Second year, 18 points. And I think maybe third year was 16. Those are solid numbers. You need players like that. [00:18:28] Those are good numbers. If you do that over your career, that's pretty good. That's pretty good. Not superstar, but pretty good. [00:18:38] And Golden State offered him $80 million contract extension, which he turned down, and I'm going to get back to that, which is a mistake, and I want to use that as a teaching lesson, too, so I'm going to get back to that. [00:18:58] But he became a free agent, and he wasn't a superstar, but he was a solid player. A lot of teams were interested in him. [00:19:11] He averaged 15 points, 18 points. [00:19:18] Certain teams maybe think maybe it was the fit in Golden State that wasn't right. Maybe if I bring him over here, that 15 could become 22 points a game. [00:19:30] Sometimes it's a fit, sometimes it's a fit, and sometimes it's the system. But he was a free agent, and he turned down the extension from Golden State, and he signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves. [00:19:45] But there was a catch to it. When he signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves, he only signed for 2 million. For $2 million. [00:19:56] And at the time, everybody was wrong there. What's going on there? [00:20:05] And it's because, like I said, he was a sought after free agent. Like, there were teams like, there were teams that were offering him big money to come play for them, and he turned it down to play in Minnesota for this little contract. Everybody like, yo, what's going on? [00:20:23] The next year, he played out. That, know, solid numbers, not spectacular. He played out that year. [00:20:32] It was a one year contract. He played that out, signed again for another one, another one year deal. This time it was a little bit more like 2,000,002.5 or something like that. [00:20:46] Played that year out, signed for Minnesota for one year again. So that was three one year contracts. Three, all for like, under $3 million. [00:20:59] So it comes out that the agents that was working for him, which was two agents, they split up, and it was found out to be a scandal. [00:21:12] They had an agreement under the table that if he signed these three one year contracts that he would get the maximum of 86 million. [00:21:22] But because of the breakup, the commissioner found out about it, and it wasn't able to go through the Minnesota team. Tim wars got fined, they lost draft picks, people got suspended, all kind of stuff. [00:21:37] He never got his money, so that's what happened there, you know what I'm saying? He had the potential to make more money, but the schedule was one thing and him turning down Golden State almost for like, the same money was another, as far as, like, the financial side of it. Now, here's my teaching part of the evening, right? If you're an athlete, specifically well, I was going to say specifically a basketball player, but no, it doesn't matter if you're an athlete, period, whether it's basketball, baseball, football, right? [00:22:22] You have to hire an agent, you know what I'm saying? I understand that the agent works for you regardless of what team you have around you, whether it's your agent, advisor, management, whatever, regardless of who you have on your team and what position or role that they play, you have to make sure that you also know that position. [00:22:52] You have to make sure if it's management, you have to make sure that they manage you how you want to be managed. You tell them. You don't let them tell you they can recommend things to you. Their job is to recommend things to you, and it's your job to say, yeah, but they don't call shots. You do. You know what I'm saying? [00:23:20] At the end of the day, you're the one that makes that decision to say yes or no. I want to throw that out there, you know what I'm saying? I don't care what his job is. They work for you. It's your job to say yes or no. It's your job to tell them what kind of opportunities look for. [00:23:39] You control the situation, you control your destiny, and you control the relationship, period, point blank, plain and simple. Don't let nobody take you no different. [00:23:52] When you play professional and you're a free agent, which means that you're up for a contract. You can sign with any team that you want for any amount of money that you're offered. Right? [00:24:08] Now, it's no secret everybody wants to make the most money that they can make possible. [00:24:16] It's no secret that's in basketball, that's in movies, that's in TV shows, that's in business, that's in music, that's in everything, people want to make the most money that they can make. There's no secret there, right? [00:24:36] At the same time, you have to be realistic about the situation, right? You have to be realistic about the situation. [00:24:47] If I'm a basketball player and I average, let's say I've been in the league for three years or four years and average 16 points a game, 16 points a game is good. It's not 29 points. [00:25:04] It's not a game changing average. [00:25:09] It doesn't put me in a category by myself. I'm not a league leader. [00:25:15] I'm not on a hall of Fame trajectory at the time. At this point, in time in my career. [00:25:24] There's room for improvement right now. That's just facts. [00:25:30] This is the truth. This is my numbers. This is what everybody see. Not this one team. Everybody see this. Everybody knows my numbers. Everybody looked at it. All parties involved know what this is right now. [00:25:48] It's great. [00:25:50] If somebody wants to pay you top dollar if you average 15 points and somebody wants to make you the highest paid player ever, that's fine. [00:26:04] Take it. [00:26:06] That's fine. [00:26:08] Take it. If you like the coach, you like the team, and you feel like the contract, that's the contract that you want, take it. [00:26:19] If a team offers you, I don't know, say 60 million, 80 million, and that's your highest offer, and that's the highest offer that you got. [00:26:39] Do not take a gamble and think that you can get something better than that if you haven't been offered more than that yet, because based on your numbers, your numbers are not there to back up. [00:26:58] You want to get paid more. [00:27:00] You understand? [00:27:02] It's not likely. [00:27:05] 80 million is a good number. [00:27:07] It's not likely that somebody's going to top that. If they were, they would have did it already. [00:27:14] So that's just, like, something to think about. Do not gamble, because if you gamble and they pull a off off the table, you might be stuck with nothing. [00:27:25] So that's something to consider, even though that you want to play, you want to make top dollar. [00:27:33] If your numbers are not top player, you might want to look at the situation. [00:27:39] You might want to look at that before you lose out. [00:27:42] So that's the lesson for the day. [00:27:45] Now let's get into the situation. [00:27:50] Joe Smith retires in 2012 after 16 years. [00:27:57] He gets married, right? They've been married, I think, ever since his retirement. [00:28:04] From what I understand, he didn't want to retire. It was kind of to a point where it ran his course. Nobody wanted to sign him. [00:28:13] But he gets married, from what I understand. She's a former adult film star, worked in clubs. She did a little bit of singing, things of that nature. [00:28:27] And they've been married since 2012, which is roughly I'm sorry, maybe like 2010. It's been about 13 years that's been reported. About 13 years. [00:28:42] And recently, Joe Smith just found out from a friend of his that his wife has been doing OnlyFans for the past year without his knowledge of it. Right. Without him knowing. [00:29:09] He had no knowledge of the situation at all. [00:29:12] So the story goes, I know you've been seeing the videos. The videos have been out there. [00:29:20] There's a video of him arguing with her, and she's actually recording the argument. [00:29:32] She's recording it in the video. [00:29:38] Clearly he's mad, but he's not going off like he's not going off like a normal person would. Like, he's not cursing, I guess. He's not doing furniture. And this led to people believing that this was all set up right? Because he wasn't cursing. He was kind of calm in the know. There was no furniture throwing and stuff like that. [00:30:08] And I gotta tell you, I don't know. Joe Smith has never been in trouble in his playing career that I know of. [00:30:19] And just because somebody doesn't curse somebody out adult furniture and dreading people and stuff like that, it doesn't mean that they're not mad, you know what I'm saying? Maybe it could be that that's not his forte, that's not his demeanor, you know what I'm saying? So I'm not going to hold that against him, you know what I'm saying? That's a good thing, you know what I'm saying? That's a positive thing that he's able to express himself without maybe further getting himself in trouble, you know what I'm saying? [00:30:50] Because anger leads to other things sometimes that we don't plan for and we don't look for, you know what I'm saying? So that's a good thing to reportedly, there's been a video of his wife saying they have financial problems. [00:31:12] Joe Smith doesn't want to do anything to help out the family. [00:31:17] She's basically talking that she's the breadwinner, she's the one that does the hustling and trying to make things happen where he's just laid back. He's just like laid back, whatever, that type of thing. [00:31:33] And when this news was brought to my attention and the first thing, I thought maybe it was staged, but then when I saw her interview, I didn't think that it was staged, right? [00:31:56] So we all know that people do things nowadays for what you call clout. They do things to get views. [00:32:08] They do things to get noticed. Like a situation like this could bring more sales to her only fans, because everybody want to check out what this uproar is about now. And I'm sure the numbers are going through the roof ever since this was made public, man. You know what I'm saying? That's the world we live in. That's how things work, you know what I'm saying? [00:32:35] But when I saw the interview, I started not to think that this was staged, you know what I'm saying? I started to think that this was real, and I'm going to tell you why. [00:32:54] Now, you have some strange people, you know what I'm saying, in the world. And there's always like some exceptions to the rule. [00:33:05] There's always like some exceptions, man, always. Right. [00:33:11] But I'm a guy. I'm a man, and we live in a competitive world, and I'm going to tell you how I think. And what I like to do is I don't go off my own opinion. [00:33:32] What I like to do in a roundabout kind of way, I like to go around and get the opinion of others to see if my way of thinking matches with theirs, you know what I'm saying? I don't want to be the only one that think a certain way. [00:33:48] I feel like if there's a lot of people that agree with what I'm saying. [00:33:55] That makes me kind of feel like I'm on to something that kind of makes me think that I'm right or I'm thinking the right way. [00:34:03] Now, me being a guy and it's a competitive world, this is my idea, and I haven't had one guy yet throughout the years I'm talking about over about 20 years now that I had this idea about this. And I've, over the years asked people, and I never had a guy like, disagree. Not yet. Not one yet, you know what I'm saying? Not one yet. [00:34:40] A guy. [00:34:44] If you were to put two women in front of a guy, you know what I'm saying? And say you have to choose and tell the guy that he has to choose one. Right now, on a scale from one to ten, like, as far as looks, as far as, like, body, both of the women are 1000 top of the charts. Like, you could probably say that the best looking woman that there ever was. Both of them, right from head to toe, everything looks, body, everything, right? They both equal, right? [00:35:25] Maybe as far as job, career, both equal. House, both equal, right? But like, let's say one of them, right? Let's say the guy that has to make a decision, he knows that one of these women have potentially slept around and been with a certain number of different guys, maybe even people that maybe even guys that he know, you know what I'm saying? Right now, the other one, we're not going to say that she's a virgin, but the other one, he just doesn't know. It's a mystery. Like as far as he know, he'll be the only one, you know what I'm saying? As far as the world would know, he's the only guy to get that to be with. That as far as he know, like what other guys she'd been with, like he don't know them, you know what I'm saying? [00:36:31] All God said that they will pick the unknown, you know what I'm saying? Everything else being equal, I'm going to pick the unknown. Because a guy now, even though he would probably deal with both of them if he could, but only having the option of one, they would rather deal with the unknown because a guy would rather be the first person to say they was with her than just joining one of the million over here. You know what I'm saying? I'd rather be the king of my own castle than to join a nation of an army, you know what I'm saying, in that sense, you know what I mean, if you know what I'm saying, right? [00:37:25] Nine times out of ten, a guy that mess with adult stars and strippers, their plan is to take them out of that environment. [00:37:41] They figure that like Joe Smith, who's an NBA player who was a millionaire, feels like, okay, if you come over here with me, you don't. Have to do that no more. [00:37:55] Nine times out of ten, that's his way of thinking. That's the person's way of thinking. That's the plan. [00:38:02] I don't think he envisions him being in the NBA and making millions, and she's still doing that. [00:38:12] You understand what I'm saying? That's not the plan in his mind, and not just him, anybody who meets a female, you know what I mean, from that environment, you know what I mean? That's the plan. That's the plan that he has in mind for her to stop doing it right now. [00:38:35] At the same time, though, it's a two way street. [00:38:40] If you all do get together, right? And she leaves that lifestyle behind, she no longer does this. She no longer does that, because now she's with you. [00:38:52] You have to have an understanding that, yes, it is possible that she really likes you, for real. [00:39:04] I don't put everybody in the box, you know what I'm saying? I don't put everybody in the box, you know what I mean? Because there's people that need that job, that have to work at the club. They fell on hard times. There's different stories, man. Everybody's not bad, you know what I'm saying? Everybody's not good. Everybody's not bad. I'm that type of person. [00:39:26] So when she leaves with you and she comes out of that environment, yes, there's a possibility that she's in love with you and she likes you like that, and she wants to give this a chance. [00:39:43] But a big part of this that you have to know and you have to realize is that it's undeniable. She's leaving that scene and being with you because you provide a lifestyle. Now, not necessarily saying that she's a gold digger, but you're a safety net. Like, you provide, you know what I'm saying? [00:40:14] You're providing stability. [00:40:17] You're providing security, you know what I'm saying? Part of her going with you, that's included, you have to know that. [00:40:27] And I say that to say that once you know, if you know and you realize that the lifestyle that you provide and the security and the stability that you provide, once you know that that's part of the game. And part of the situation. [00:40:51] You have to realize that if you no longer have that status anymore, if you no longer provide that security if that's the case, she's saying that they have financial problems. [00:41:07] When you no longer provide that, you have to be aware that her going back to this is a possibility, a very strong possibility, because the first thing she's going to say is, you knew this when you met me. You knew this about me when you met me. [00:41:35] And lo and behold, in the video, that's exactly what she's saying. [00:41:43] It's exactly what she's saying, and that's exactly what she's saying. And the interview she did, she's just going in. [00:41:57] She's just going in on them. Like there's no sugar coating it. Like, I did what I did. I don't plan on stopping. [00:42:08] I'm the only one, like, trying to keep this together and hold it down. [00:42:12] He's broke. He don't have no hustle in him. She even went on to say that he works for one of her companies, that she's trying to get that she got started and she doesn't plan on stopping, and she's trying to be respectful about it, but it's like, no kind of way of being respectful about it, man. [00:42:38] There's no way that you could be respectful by disrespecting somebody, man. It's like, no way. [00:42:46] And yes, it's true that people do things for clout, but things have to be, like, drastically bad for me to sign up for knowing that millions of people are going to see my wife. [00:43:11] It's one thing to know that everybody doesn't have this mindset, you know what I'm saying? Everybody don't have that mindset, right? So he may have been all right with it. [00:43:26] Let me change that. He has no choice but to be all right with it because she was already doing it before they met. I mean, he couldn't change that, you know what I'm saying? One way or the other. So the fact that he still started a relationship and still got married with her, he accepted that part, so he had to be okay with it then. [00:43:47] I don't know. [00:43:50] Every guy's not going to be okay with their wife still doing it while they together, you know what I'm saying? [00:44:00] Unless Joe Smith himself is in that industry, you know what I'm saying? If both parties involved is in that industry, then, okay, it's fair game. I can see him being strong minded like that, and it's not being a big deal. [00:44:19] But if you believe in your mind that you took up from that environment and your plan all along was not to see that no more, it's hard just to sign up for that, just for clout, man, you know what I'm saying? And all these people are like, seeing your wife while you with her and she's on there talking about you broke and you don't have no hustle and you work for her. [00:44:54] I don't know if I could sign up for that, man. [00:44:59] I don't see the game, man. [00:45:04] How low do you want to go? [00:45:06] How low do you want to go? [00:45:08] It's like, I always use this example, man. [00:45:12] If I wanted to kill somebody, I'm not going to have them shoot in my direction. [00:45:18] Yeah, so what company or what business is going to want to do business with him now when all that is being said about him in public by his own wife? [00:45:35] You know what I'm saying? [00:45:41] I don't see the gain. If you go be clout chasing, there has to be, like some kind of financial gain at the end, and it's like, this is more damaging than good, you know what I mean? It's more damage than the good. [00:45:59] It's no gain. And even at one point in the interview where she stated that she had this account for a whole year. [00:46:12] When she was asked how how he didn't know about it, she came out and said, well, this is what happens when you don't pay attention to your wife. [00:46:30] So it's kind of like you could tell that she was serious, but she was kind of also like making light of the situation, you know what I'm saying? [00:46:45] But the fact of the matter is certain things are like game changing, man. [00:46:56] Certain things. Like if you're trying to do some good or something like that and you know there's controversy in it and you know people are going to look at you different. [00:47:08] You got to tell a person, man. You got to tell a person. It's like certain things, like you just can't do behind somebody back and then expect a positive outcome from it. [00:47:27] If she really believed what she was doing was right and she was going to do it anyway, I don't see the point in hiding it from him. Why not just tell him and do it anyway? [00:47:42] You see what I'm saying? Like she's already on there, like saying, I don't think we go get a divorce, like he's going to come around and all this kind of stuff. [00:47:51] Okay, then if you felt like what you're doing is all right and he's going to accept it, why hide it? You see what I'm saying? And then, not for nothing, not for nothing, but when you come out and you say, well, this is what happened, when you don't pay your wife no attention, that also leads me to believe that you may have did some other stuff, too. [00:48:21] And this is just the one, this only Pans account is just the one thing that you couldn't hide because it's out there, you know what I'm saying? [00:48:32] It's out there. [00:48:33] So he has to consider that, too. [00:48:37] And it's just a different mindset, man. It's a different way of thinking, man, over the years. Well, she said she only been doing it for a year, and my thing too is she mentioned it, that she had it on her Instagram. [00:48:59] It is hard to believe that he never came across that somebody had to tell him. But there is people that's not out there in social media, you know what I'm saying? Maybe he's one of those. [00:49:15] Maybe he's one of those that's not on social media. [00:49:20] I haven't came across him, as far as I know. Ever since he retired, he has been out of the limelight. You don't really hear much about him or nothing like that, but it's a different way of thinking, man. Over the years, you all had family functions. Like people probably came over to the house for a barbecue, some of his friends and stuff like that. And he probably thinking everything is normal, you know what I mean? Lo and behold, those same friends that came over to the house. [00:49:57] They don't seen all your wife before, you know what I'm saying? They don't seen everything. [00:50:04] They probably notice as much as he do. [00:50:08] That's something that the man would want to know, man, you know what I'm saying? [00:50:15] You just don't have people looking at him crazy, man, you know what I'm saying? Regardless of whether he accepted or not, you know what I'm saying? He should have a choice. [00:50:24] And like I said when he met her, he should have known that if he ever fell on hard times that this would be a possibility. [00:50:37] He shouldn't have never been completely naive about it. [00:50:41] No matter how long you all been together, no matter how much she's saying that she love you, it's still that situation, you know what I'm saying? Like, no matter what that was on the table and him being a grown man, he should have known that. [00:50:55] And as of now, man, what I would say to him, man, it is what it is. [00:51:04] That's done already. [00:51:06] And like, God forbid, the only thing that you can kind of save now is hopefully you wasn't in none of the videos. [00:51:23] Hopefully she didn't record you all two together and she's selling that. That part I don't know for sure, but I've kind of heard that she recorded him too. I'm holding out hope that that's not true. But hopefully you wasn't in the video, you'd be able to save face a little bit, you know what I'm saying? Even though everything is out there, you'd be able to save that part of it. But on the bright side of it, when you got married, I don't know what the agreement was, but if she did, only fans behind your back. [00:52:17] And definitely if you're in those videos and she recorded you and she's making money without you knowing, at least if you all was to get a divorce, you wouldn't have to pay her anything considering the circumstances. I mean, I don't see nobody that's go not look at it that way, you know what, and hey, she might have to even pay you. [00:52:48] At least you won't lose on that end. [00:52:51] This has been the Slackest Talk podcast, aka. The talk of the town. Now I'm your host, film producer Jason Slack. And man, I know it's hard, it's real hard, man, but we got to know what's going on around us, man, you know what I mean? We got to know what's going on around us. [00:53:10] Even if you involve with a person that's involved with stuff that you're not, you have to get involved in it or know about it because they in it. That's all I'm going to say about that. Y'all be safe out there as always, thanks for tuning in and we'll be back again to Talk next week. Peace. [00:53:36] You're listening to the Slack is Talk podcast, aka the Talk of the Town. Now, find out what's going to happen next. [00:53:49] Don't.

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